Two thirds of FM pros agree: environment is more important than ever
This guide reports on a new ABM/Building Operating Management survey of facility executives. The survey explores some of the issues facing facility executives and suggests strategies that can be employed to tackle these emerging challenges.
Explore the role that these critical factors have in increasing positive occupant experience
Would you like to know how a positive environment can increase employee satisfaction, increase customer satisfaction, help tenants attract and retain talent, enhance productivity, help attract customers, and improve lease renewal rates? It’s all in the guide.
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Going beyond basic cleanliness
Why clean, comfortable workplace with a responsive facility team is at the heart of a positive occupant experience.
2019-06-ADV-COR-Moments-KG-1-Why Responsiveness Matters.jpg
Why responsiveness matters
Why 98% of respondents rated this operational factor as critical to their success and key to occupant perception.
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The critical role design plays
Why more tenants are demanding smart workplaces with beautiful aesthetics, convenient parking, and a flexible physical environment.
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How to create a facility management strategy that will delight occupants
Building occupants and users have many choices — where to work, which school to attend, whether to buy online or in a brick-and-mortar building — so it makes sense that occupant satisfaction is no longer enough to compete. This focus shift brings both opportunities and challenges for facility executives, and this guide will help you imagine a winning strategy.
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